Admissions - 2024

Inner Event

प्रेरणा — Igniting Professional Minds



Expert Lecture

To explore the ever-changing landscape of education, Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec and SISTec Ratibad recently hosted a session titled "प्रेरणा — Igniting Professional Minds" featuring (Former, Vice Chairman of AICTE), Dr. M.P Poonia. The event, Igniting Professional Minds initiative, brought together B.Tech, Pharmacy, and MBA students along with faculty members at the prestigious institution's campus.

The session began with the lighting of the lamp to goddess Saraswati by (Chairman, Sagar Group) Shri Sudhir Kumar Agrawal, (Former, Vice Chairman, AICTE) Dr. M.P Poonia, (Director, SISTec) Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh, (Principal, SISTec) Dr. D.K Rajoriya, (Principal, SISTec Ratibad) Dr. Manish Billore, (Vice-Principal) Dr. Swati Saxena and (Administrator, SISTec) Mr. B.S. Kushwah, underscoring the crucial role of educators in society. In his address to the audience, he emphasized the timeless nature of learning, stating that education transcends age barriers and is a universal phenomenon.

Throughout his speech, Dr. Poonia highlighted the significance of building trust between educators and society, encouraging educators to take pride in their profession and avoid demoralizing students. Furthermore, Dr. Poonia outlined thirty key points, emphasizing the diverse responsibilities of educators such as fostering analytical skills, overcoming language barriers, and promoting innovation.

The event concluded with an optimistic outlook on empowering students to innovate and make meaningful contributions to society, aligning with SISTec's commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.