Admissions - 2024

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Intellectual Property Rights and IP Management for Startups


College Level Event

Expert Lecture

The IIC SISTec Ratibad hosted a "Intellectual Property Rights and IP Management for Startups" session in honor of World IPR Day. The Institutional Innovation Cell organized the event, which featured two distinguished speakers: Dr. N. K. Choubey (Senior Principal Scientist, Head, Intellectual Facilitation Center, Patent Information Center and Technology Management Center, MPCST Bhopal) and Prof. Kshitij Yugbodh (Associate Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, SISTec Ratibad Campus).

During the session, attendees gained valuable insights into the importance of protecting intellectual property and managing it effectively for the success of their startups. Dr. Choubey shared his expertise on the subject, highlighting the various legal aspects of IP and the steps that startups can take to safeguard their ideas. Meanwhile, Prof. Yugbodh provided practical advice on IP management, drawing on his experience with publishing 17 patents.

Overall, the session was a great success, providing attendees with a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to help them navigate the complex world of intellectual property. IIC SISTec-R is committed to supporting startups and entrepreneurs in their journey toward success, and events like this are just one of the many ways in which they do so.