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Expert Talk on Technology Evolution of Mobile Communication


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Expert Lecture

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of SISTec-R has organized an Expert Talk on “Technology Evolution of Mobile Communication” by Mr. Shambhudhar Dwivedi, HSI Core Manager MP & CG, Reliance Jio on 18th November 2022, an Industry Academia Interaction with an objective to bridge an industry- institutions gap & to know the latest industry demands.

Discussion was about the Technology Evolution in Mobile Communication from 1G to 5G. He has also discussed various career options as an Electronics and Communication Engineer has with emphasis on Telecommunation Engineer.  He gives them a brief about various advantages and application of 5G technology and answered students query.

Mr. Harvinder Singh Saluja, Head of the Department interacted with Mr. Dwivedi along with the senior faculties during the departmental visit & discussed various Curriculum Gaps between Industry & Academia & how the department is trying to fulfilling it by incorporating many Technical Modules which the current Industry demands & Mr. Dwivedi also appreciated the projects made by the students. He also interacted with a few students working on their project and offered useful advice related to the marketability of the said project.