Creativity enhances self-confidence and brings positivity which is the necessary approaches to live life happily and effectively. To make the students creative and innovative, competitions and contests are usually organized in Sistec-R. In the continuation Sistec-R organized Pot-Decoration competition.

Art Club of SISTec-R successfully organised the wall decoration competition .Total 7 groups has participated in the competition and I am glad to inform you that our students come up with the different themes, thoughts and ideas. The objective of the competition was to enhance, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence. Creativity, Enthusiasm, and Positive thinking are some of the facets of personality development and the outcomes of this activity. Students really enjoyed and liked the competition and asked us to organise such type of activity every month and they also suggested some of the interesting activities.
The names of the winners are:
First prize: Rehan Group (ME SEM-I)
Second prize: Amar group (CE SEM-I)
Third prize” Shivali Group (CS SEM-I)

Music binds soul, hearts and emotions. It is a known fact that music is the best method of relaxation. Considering all these things, a Singing competition was organized in our college on 7th Oct. 2015 by Art Club. The rhythms and the beats of the Solo singing competitions resonated around the campus and the attendance and responses from the audience were overwhelming. 25 students from all the semesters participated and sang nice melodious numbers which had the audience swaying and tapping their feet. Principal Madam, Vice Principal Madam, General Manger sir and the judges greatly appreciated the talent and the effort of the Students.

The Singing Competition certainly lives up to expectation, with contestant displaying remarkable singing prowess. The scores never went below 25, and the competition initially ended with a tie between five contestants.

It took one tie-breaking numbers for a winner to emerge and finally take home the first prize. The prize winners were:
First prize: Gaurav Meena CSE (Sem-III)
Second prize: Ranjeet ME (Sem-V), Hemant Yadav CSE(Sem-I)
Third prize: Krishnakant Kumar ME (Sem-V)