Coding is utmost important to become a successful computer science engineer. This is a initial step for developing a software or software applications. There are various phases of developing software from problem specification, requirement gathering to maintenance. The coding helps in designing and developing new software, redesign or reverse engineer the software product.

 “CODE-A-THON” was organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering for the students of 2nd year. The main aim to conduct this competition was to make students aware of the importance of coding and to check their coding and logic abilities. We checked the students ability by asking them to find error in the given code, find which test cases the given code passes and on what test cases the code fails, and to write the code for a given problem in given amount of time period.

Total 48 students registered and appeared for the first round of Code-A-Thon, 40 students cleared first round and appeared in second round of Code-A-Thon. 4 teams qualified for the Third Round of Code-A-Thon. 3 Teams qualified for the final round of Code-A-Thon.

  • Date: 15-01-2021