Training was conducted by Mr. Pankaj Sharma sir to final year students on the topic “Magnetism and Electromagnetism fundamentals” on 17th December 2019 at Sagar Group of Institutions - SISTec Ratibad Campus.

Students from final semester of Electrical Engineering department attended the Training session which is aimed to sharpen fundamentals of much sought after subjects for campus recruitment.

Initial half-hour (10:00 AM-10:30AM) was taken by HOD Prof. Ashish Singhal during that time he motivated students and lifted their morale to attend this kind of students-centric development session whenever it is conducted.


The Training session was then delivered and presented by Prof. Pankaj Sharma from 10:30AM to 02:00 PM.


Topics covered:-


👉 Basics of Magnetism

👉 Relation between Magnetism and Electricity and vice-versa

👉 Biot-savart law

👉 Analogy of Electricity and Magnetism

👉 Magnetic materials and different types

👉 Flemings rule

👉 Faraday’s laws of Electromagnetic Induction

👉 Multiple choice Questions


After the training session one hour MCQ based test was conducted and marks were shown after valuation.



  • Date: 17-12-2019