Sagar Institute of Science Technology & Research (SISTec-R), Ratibad Campus conducted a Two-Day Mutual Development Program — "Being Together" for all its staff members. A SISTec-R initiative which was coined by Principal SISTec-R Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh and flawlessly organised and executed by HR SISTec-R Mrs. Sreena Binu.

The first day kicked off with ceremonial lamp lighting followed by welcoming words from Principal Ma'am and a session on Self Development by Life Coach and Corporate Trainer of SISTec-R Mr. Anish Saxena. Management games Pin the Elephant Tail and Balloon Buddy were held subsequently hosted by HR Sagar Group Ms. Apoorva Pachori.

On the second day Dr. Ritu Nanda Clinical Psychologist Therapist & Counsellor - Sagar Group of Institutions conducted a breathtaking session on "Mind Management for Achieving Excellence" which ended with a relaxing mind calming activity followed by an interactive Q&A segment. Management game of Untangle the Tangled was played thereafter.

The program ended with an award ceremony for the management games winners won by:
1. Prof. Ajit Kumar Shrivastava for Pin the Elephant Tail
2. Prof. Kshitij Yugbodh and Prof. Ashish Singhal for Balloon Buddy
3. Prof. Ajit Kumar Shrivastava and his team for Untangle the Tangled

The program was met with great enthusiasm and active participation by all staff members leading to best learning outcome.

  • Date: 26-11-2019