Sagar Institute of Science, Technology & Research (SISTec-R) Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted Two-Day Short Term Training Program (STTP) on “Applied Thermodynamics and Applications” on 22nd & 23rd February, 2019 sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (RGPV) under the Third phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (referred to as TEQIP-III).

Honourable Chief Guest, Dr. S.C. Choube, Coordinator TEQIP -III, RGPV, Bhopal inaugurated the event. He addressed the audience and expressed his appreciation for organizing such innovative training event on Applied Thermodynamics and Applications in the precious presence of Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh (Principal, SISTec-R) and Mr. B.S. Kushwah (Administrator, SISTec Gandhi Nagar Campus). Faculties and students from various Engineering colleges across the country participated in this Event.

The expert speakers of the day one were:
1. Dr. Pravin Singh, Associate Professor, BUIT who recapitulated the various topics of Basic Engineering Thermodynamics and it's Applications in industries giving various live examples and introduced students to Exergy Analysis
2. Dr. Tanuja Sheorey, Professor, IIITDM, Jabalpur who continued the pace in Exergy Analysis of Power Equipments

Mr. Kshitij Yugbodh, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering venerated the Experts with kind gesture and bestowed them with mementos.

Second day sessions was triggered by eminent expert Dr. Ajit Parwani, Asst. Professor, IITRAM, Ahmedabad, who enlightened the participants about the Principles of Steady and Transient state heat conduction and its Applications in an outstanding manner.

He was supervened by Dr. Sunil Punjabi, Professor, UEC, Ujjain who exceptionally illustrated the Applications of Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer by elucidating about his research on Interferometry.
Participants were in awe after witnessing his experimental insight.

Today's third and final session was culminated with the wisdom of Dr. Ritunesh Kumar, Associate Professor, IIT Indore who explained the Applications and Modifications of Rankine cycle used in Thermal Power Plants with the help of various indicator diagrams in a very skillful way.

Prof. Kshitij Yugbodh, Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering revered the experts by bestowing them with the Mementos of remembrance alongwith Prof. C.K. Pardhi and Asst. Prof. Sanjeev Gupta.

Two-day STTP finally concluded with the Valedictory and Thanksgiving speech by Mr. Rahul Agrawal, STTP Coordinator who deep heartedly gave thanks to RGPV who gave us the opportunity to conduct this STTP under TEQIP-III and all the delegates who took off their precious time from their busy schedules.

  • Date: 22-02-2019