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The department was started with the inception of the college to build the foundation of new entrants. The department consists of five sections i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Communication, Environmental Science and Mathematics. The major objective of the department is to enhance the thinking process of the students and make them adaptable to technical environment. It offers an opportunity to B.E students to develop a deeper understanding of rapidly changing technology through combination of theoretical and experimental study.
The good knowledge of Physics is amicable to understand the mechanism of engineering subjects. The department is well equipped to provide the quality education to the students along with sound experimental skin. The department encourages the student and helps them in taking the innovative projects especially in the fields of semiconductor physics and optical fiber communication.
The department has well qualified staff members. The staff members involve themselves in the welfare of the First year students. They have very good teacher – student interaction and all the teachers are student counselors also. This ensures good academic performance of the students. The department has maintained good results in each semester (Near to 100%). The H.O.D and staff members of Physics are involved in research on various active fields in physics such as electron irradiation on semiconductors, Non-linear optical materials and its characterization, Nano Science and Technology. 
Physics Lab
•It has an engineering physics lab, which was establish in year 2009 and continuously updated with latest equipment to fulfill the needs of B.E engineering students.
•For smooth progress of light experiment, this lab has provided with dark room facility.
•The following are the list of experiment offered in the engineering physics lab in first year: Download Lab Manual
The Department of Mathematics, the basic necessity of all branches of engineering has highly dedicated, experienced and efficient faculty members. The Department is focused to cater the need of teaching Engineering Mathematics, Operation Research etc.
The place of Chemistry in the academic programs of the institution offered at present is that of a basic subject knowledge of, which is essential for understanding the physio-chemical processes and the chemical nature of materials, used in engineering and technology. The present course is offered in the first two semesters with provision for laboratory experiments based on Analytical Chemistry.
 The aim of Environmental science is to introduce student to environment concern. It makes the students aware of the environment and the interaction between humans and industries. It also trains them to implement the technical skill without effecting environment and do their bit for sustainable developments. 
The department has the primary mandate of quality teaching, enhancing students learning ability, development of personality with a thrust on communication skills and humanitarian values of life.
“Communication-skills” is a compulsory subject for first year students of all the branches in the department of Humanities. An ultra modern Oral Digital Language –Lab is set-up to cater for a batch of 60 students. The students are trained in all the skills as well as in grooming of their personality. It also focuses on the production and practice of accurate sounds of English language. Results so far, have been extremely encouraging.

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